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Welcome to the Shopping Cart of Specialties of Paradise! Here you'll find a great source of unique, uncommon products all in one site. With the merger of Key West Goodies and FireHawk Technology in the fall of 2012, we have made your shopping experience even more pleasant. We love bargains and we love to share them! In addition to our discounted Sale items scattered throughout the store, notice our $19.95 Deals category for great values with included shipping.

Getting started in this store is so easy. Simply do a product search or browse the main and secondary categories for the cool items we have for sale. Remember, we stock what we sell for personal processing and immediate shipping.

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$19.95 Deals
'World's Best' Colorful Dishcloths, Made in USA
Colorful, tough dishcloths are made in the USA. Save money when you buy in...
Fire Resistant Document Bag
Our legal-size document bag protects papers and cash from fire exposure!
Picquic SixPac Plus Screwdriver
Most popular, the SixPac Plus is the tool that simply doesn't scrimp on quality.
Locca CONNECTA Wireless 2-Way Door/Gate Intercom System
Locca stylish 2-Way Wireless Intercom System allows 2-way voice conversations.
Mayday 400 Calorie Apple Cinnamon Food Bar: FREE SHIPPING
Food Bar provides you with proper nutrition when getting food isn't easy.