Picquic Custom-load Drivers

Why buy a competitor's multi-bit screwdriver with bits that you will never use? Why waste your hard-earned money?

With our Picquic Custom-loaded drivers, you SAVE money! Buy the best screwdriver and pay only for the bits you will actually use. PLUS, we ship your driver custom-loaded within 24 hours! No one else can provide accurate and fast order response.

It took FireHawk to come up with the very best value!

Screw Bits

Picquic Stubby Custom Screwdriver
Our smallest Picquic custom-loaded screwdriver. You choose YOUR bits!
Picquic SixPac Plus Custom-loaded Screwdriver
Our most popular multi-bit screwdriver available with YOUR choice of bits!
Picquic Super 8 Plus Custom Screwdriver
The screwdriver with 2 nut drivers, custom-loaded with YOUR choice of bits.