Emergency Preparedness

No Help Available WHAT IF...

We certainly think you should call 911 when an emergency situation occurs.
   BUT: What if the emergency is so big, so bad, that our community emergency services are overwhelmed? What if you call 911 and you can't get through or you are told that no one can help you. 
That is NOT the time to discover that you are not prepared. The time to prepare is right now... and you'll be so much more confident... in your own survival odds and the survival of your loved ones.
   Our products assist you in nasty events.

At FireHawk Technology, we focus on helping you help yourself and others in the event that help won't be available for 3-5 days. Click here for the tips to keep you prepared for those bad times that seem to be just around the corner.
Military Style Lensatic Compass, Liquid Filled, OD
Full-featured Compass that's amazingly affordable.
Brass Whistle is a Perfect Signal
Seriously, no human can consistently yell louder or longer than a good whistle.
MayDay Emergency Solar Blanket
Our aluminized polyester emergency blanket protects at a great price!
MayDay Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag
The MayDay mylar polyester emergency Sleeping Bag provides great protection.
Emergency Camping Tube Tent Sleeps 2
Emergency Tube Tent provides great protection at a great price!
Primus Folding Spoon/Fork... Spork!
Ultra-lightweight for backpacking, extremely durable for emergency use.
The Unique SnacPac from Boker
Eating on the run is so much easier with the SnacPac set of eating utensils.
Military Style 1-Quart Canteen, Poly Insert
1-Quart Poly Canteen, Military style. Perfect replacement fits in canteen...