HOLDSaBIT Bit Holders

The ingenius HOLDSaBIT slips on or off a drill in seconds.

Simply pull one loop over the front of the drill and pull the second loop to the back of the drill. The HOLDSaBIT will hold any 1/4" hex shank item as well as pencils, nut drivers and hex shank drill bits. Tips and bits are easily inserted and removed. They will hold in the channels even when the drill is turned upside down.

HoldsaBit Bit Holder

This handy item keeps your drill bit accessories " Where you need them - When you need them". The four channels allow you to customize the holder as needed for each particular job. The two loops also allow for the HOLDSaBIT to be used on a tool belt, keeping your accessories close by.

You may purchase the HOLDSaBIT from us empty or custom loaded with your choice of 4 Picquic 1/4" hex bits. We carry more than 61 different screwbits in stock! Watch the HOLDSaBIT movie HERE.

The HOLDSaBIT is proudly made in the USA.
HOLDSaBIT Bit Holder: Custom-loaded
The Custom-loaded HOLDSaBIT fits any drill or power driver. Choose 4 bits you...
HOLDSaBIT Bit Holder: Empty
The empty HOLDSaBIT fits any drill or power driver. Insert the bits you need...