Lighting Products

No single flashlight is best for every situation. Different needs require different lights. We carry a nice variety of lighting products to make illumination easy and effective.

Star-shaped 36 LED Automobile Red Safety Light
Unique Star-shaped Emergency Red LED Light is ideal for automobile emergencies.
NIGHTSTICK Pro 61-LED Dual Function Flashlight
Hot Deal
Safety for the Street, the Pro series is our full-featured, full-sized light.
Outback Boomer2 LED Halo Portable Floodlight
The 'Boomer2' LED floodlight is a multipurpose light with 24 LEDs.
Q Lighting Super Bil-Lite has the Highest Intensity
The Super Bil-Lite delivers a clean, defined beam up to 70' in the dark.
Weiita 31-LED Lantern with Adjustable Brightness
Also known as a Fireplace Lantern, our light is loaded with value!