MagEyes 360 Hands-free with 2 Lenses

MagEyes 360 with 2 Lenses
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MagEyes 360 Clearly Powers Your Vision!

The Hands Free Magnifier with 2 lenses allows you to focus on the fine details. All MagEyes are made and assembled in the USA with the Optical Quality Binocular Lens System. I have used other, lower quality magnifiers and found them to be more distorted, heavier, more clumsy, and more difficult to use, especially with bi- and trifocal glasses.

I have found these to allow much more light to illuminate the object, and the MagEyes tilts lower to make viewing at greater angles much easier. The headband goes full-circle and fits securely without being too tight.

We stock the following 360 models: 

  • Double Lo   (#2 = 1.6x and #4 = 2.0 lenses)
  • Double Hi    (#5 = 2.25x and #7 = 2.75x lenses)

    Replacement and Spare Lenses are In Stock:
    Lens #2 = 1.6x    Working distance approx.     12" to 14"
    Lens #4 = 2.0x    Working distance approx.     10" to 12"
    Lens #5 = 2.25x    Working distance approx.     7" to 10
    Lens #7 = 2.75x    Working distance approx.     4" to 7"

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